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The problem


of executives surveyed believe that their IT projects were doomed from the start.


of employees who are not regularly mentored look for a new job within 12 months


full cost of replacement for an employee can be up to 1.5x their annual salary

What if instead of rolling the dice, you could be certain that each of your projects could come in on budget and on time?

A majority of all employees indicate that they would have stayed at their previous company if:


They were offered better compensation


They witnessed an improvement in the effectiveness of management and leadership


They received a promotion


Their company had taken steps to create a more positive and respectful work environment

The Solution

1:1 and group sessions to help your team learn new technologies and processes. This improves team engagement and the quality of work performed.

We work with your senior developers to help them become better mentors, guide their team members, and create a culture of mentorship and support.

We help you audit your process to find gaps that hurt quality, increase costs, and demotivate your team

Working with your team, we help customize your process to deliver maximum impact with minimal overhead

We guide your team through their new process, increasing the effectiveness of the new process, and promoting team participation

We help you identify the parts of your system that may be slowing development, and frustrating your developers

We help your team learn and implement industry best practices for software architecture, and tooling, to help your team implement new features faster, and with fewer defects


Process doesn’t have to be a burden. Process is all about defining our expectations of ourselves and our teammates, measuring the effects of our work, and then iterating on our expectations.






Why It Works


The presence of clearly defined processes allow teams to better record metrics on everything from churn, to error rates, to time estimates, and even client satisfaction. This gives leaders the ability to visualize whether results are meeting expectations, and whether changes may help.


By using modern tools (such as Vue, Angular, or React), teams equip their developers with powerful force-multipliers that abstract away irrelevant complexities, and allow team members to deliver amazing features more quickly and efficiently.


Mentorship promotes a culture of learning and peer-training. This leads to more innovation and focuses individuals on teamwork over individual outcomes. We find that mentees outperform and are promoted at increased rates compared to their peers, and not surprisingly, mentors also share in these benefits.

What You Get

Process Audits

Sample Process Plans, Checklists, and Documentation

1:1 Mentorship

Team Training and Workshops

Leadership and Mentorship Development

Staff Augmentation

Architectural Review

The Support of This Dot’s Large Network of Industry Leaders

Come as you are, we’ll make you the best version of you.

See how the PAM stack can help transform your development culture.

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