Feeling overwhelmed as a junior engineer?

It might not be your fault! Your senior developers might not be fostering an inclusive environment for juniors.

Are you experiencing any
of these issues on your team?

  • Poor onboarding documentation
  • Reliance on individual excellence
  • Seniors talking down to or talking over juniors
  • No reviews or mentorship

These things affect teams of senior engineers as well:

  • Harder to hire new teammates
  • “Hit by a bus” fears
  • Lack of inclusion
  • Lack of advancement and stagnant careers


Process doesn’t have to be a burden. Process is all about defining our expectations of ourselves and our teammates, measuring the effects of our work, and then iterating on those expectations.

Working on teams with poor or no process can feel hectic and overwhelming. Impostor syndrome is worse on these teams. Deadlines feel crushing and success feels haphazard. Teams might abandon processes like testing, design, or review when things get busy.

Want to see what process documents look like? Get an example of one of our process documents - a code review checklist - that you can start using on your teams today.

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Even if you don’t have the power to force your team to follow a particular process, there are still things that you can do!

Get a free checklist of actions you can start doing now as a developer of any experience level to improve the process of your team.

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It’s possible to structure an application in such a way that it is more inclusive to being maintained by developers of a variety of experience levels. This includes everything from the scaffolding and execution of the project and the build system, to the architecture of the application and the way we convert visual designs to code.

If it takes a long time to onboard new developers to your team’s technology stack, or if your team struggles with costly regression defects that slow development and harm morale, it could be a sign that your abstractions need some upgrading.

If your team is looking to refresh its tech stack, or if you’re looking for new practices to introduce to your technical lead

Get a free list of technologies and approaches that can help you .

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With mentorship

Developers that have mentors are promoted at significantly higher rates than their peers. Additionally, mentorship raises team morale, improves retention, promotes a positive team culture, and improves outcomes for customers. Mentorship has positive career effects for the mentors as well.


Teams without mentorship suffer with feelings of stagnation and a lack of advancement. Juniors and mid-level developers never seem to be promoted out of their lower roles and get more responsibility. Seniors feel unchallenged, bored, and underappreciated. Significantly more developers leave their jobs if they have not received mentorship in the last twelve months.

If you are looking to start a mentorship program at your company, get free resources about what topics to cover at your mentorship meetings.

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